What is Bion Tanning!

and a few things you may want to know before you buy a bion face tanner home tanning system

a few things you should know before buying a bion face tanner


Bion is a company who ships the home tanning system pictured here and is marketed as a Bion Face Tanner.  This table-top unit weighs just over 6 lbs, plugs into a standard 110v home outlet, and contains five 15 watt bulbs for a total of 75 watts of power.  This tanner can currently be purchased for around $100 with free shipping and may fit into small budgets but do not expect much from it. 

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Keep in mind that a starter or level 1 tanning bed in a salon has at least twenty-four 100 watt bulbs for a 2400 watt total and 20 minute maximum exposure time.  Additionally, the true "facial" bulbs are 400 watt high pressure lamps which really cook, but they require 220 volt power.   So keep your expectations low but if you have a fair complexion and just want "color" from your face, you may get it from this device but read more reviews carefully before spending the $100 bucks.



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and a few other things you may want to know before buying new toning tables or used toning tables

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